Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Ice show/ wings of fire

I had an ice show Friday/Saturday/Sunday. I was in salute and uptight. my grandparents came Sunday. I was on the end of 2 pinwheels and I lead a circle. Sometimes I couldn't hold on all the way, and I slid to the very end of the line. I was also the 2nd in line in my other one.

Wings of fire!

"we are not calling it magical death spit!" (Glory)
"oops""so much for destiny" (Princess burn)

My names!
Seawing: Dolphin
Skywing: Spinel
Sandwing: Jackal
Mudwing: Bear
Rainwing: Sunshine
Nightwing: MorrowTaker
Icewing: Arctic Wolf

I am making a new tribe called the LightWings. they have light up scales on their snouts, their talons, and their wings, and speak a silent other language called Arayic, which is made up of talon signals and flashing their stripes. the queen is Queen Topaz.

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