Monday, May 20, 2019

Last week of school

This week is my last week of school before summer break. I am so exited! That also means 1 week until I get a puppy! Everyone is exited for break. Only about a month until I get to go to Germany! Summer break is fun for me. I get to hang out too.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Getting ready for the new puppy!

    I am getting a golden retriever puppy on May 26. We already have a lot of things ready, like the crate and the food & water bowls. My dad showed me a video of the puppies playing, and they are so cute! I wanted to name the puppy we are getting 'Cinnamon', but my mom said no. I can't wait until we get the new puppy! It is a sister of my grandma's dogs.

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Sorry for the boring title. I really can't think of another name. This is about stuff I am doing/have done this week.

Monday : not much. I went to school.
Tuesday : Like Monday.
Wednesday : Same as above
Thursday : My mom told me that I have to go to school the whole day on Friday
Friday : I went to school the whole day. I helped the school secretary out with some of her stuff. Then I played on my chromebook and did other stuff. After that I went to school.
Saturday : My mom told me that we might get a golden retriever puppy. I am exited for that.

Monday, May 6, 2019

My (possible) magical creatures

Akura : a leopard like creature with large black wings and glowing spots. They have glowing stripes on their wings too.
Kisari : a small, catlike creature that can come in nearly any color, except for pure white or black. They have small feelers on the tops of their heads, and dimly glowing eyes.
Arcane wolf : Large wolves with sharp fangs. They have thick fur and claws like knives. They have large paws and thick paw pads.

Random stuff I want to write about.

Sorry for the irregular update schedule. I have a lot to do. I feel like I have a lot to do all the time. I had a music festival this morning (and afternoon!). I like to do music.

I also feel like my blog is a little boring sometimes. I can make it more like This if you want. comment if you want to do that. sorry if you don't want it. I am strange like that.