Friday, January 31, 2014


We've been learning about electricity this week. First I learned electrical safety with a friend. You can't touch water that has a wire in it that's plugged in. You need to go around puddles with power lines in them. And if you're in a boat in the sea, and there's a storm coming, you have to drive it to shore.

Then we learned about static electricity. Dry weather makes more static. Static can make your hair stand up or a balloon stick to the fridge or wall. But it makes two balloons repel each other because their charge is the same and like charges push each other away.

World Vision Update

I made a sale! One of my mom's co-workers ordered these boxes for her daughters. I think she'll be happy with how they turned out.

Remember, if you order something from me, you'll help girls around the world go to school. Or if you see something you like you can let me know. I don't have prices - you can pay what you want to help sponsor.