Friday, February 14, 2020

Ice show

I am doing the Ice show again this year. The theme for 2020 is 'cozy up with a book', and the skaters are doing different book series. My group is doing harry potter, which is one of my favorite series, for freestyle 1.  I am really excited to see what my costume looks like.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Spelling bee

Yesterday there was a spelling bee at my school. I was in it, and I got 2nd place. The 1st place person was a grade ahead of me, and the 3rd place person was in my grade. I misspelled Teflon in the final round. I'm actually kind of surprised that I made it that far, even though I didn't study. Maybe it's because I read a lot.

So, bye for now!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Short story - The Lost Pup

Juno raced across the frozen tundra with her brother, Sabre. "Race you to the fallen tree!" she called to her brother. As it became clear that Sabre was going to lose, he cried out, "Juno! it's not fair! you're older than me!" Juno turned around, looking to her brother, and suddenly she fell, the ground rushing toward her. She felt something snap, and all went black.
She woke up in a pristine white den, surrounded by no-claws, covered in a sky-blue sheet. Something held her down so that she couldn't escape. One of the no-claws chirped something in the high voice, and another one rushed over, chirping back. Juno tried to say something, but there was a metal cage holding her mouth shut, wrapped around the back of her head.
A no-claw rushed toward her, and took off the cage, holding a piece of caribou in front of her. She sniffed at it, and pulled it out of their hand. The no-claw patted her on the head, and put something around her neck. The no-claw chirped and pulled off the blanked, allowing Juno to see herself for the first time since she fell.
Juno looked down at her body, noticing first that her left paw was missing. She looked over the rest of her body, noticing a twisted paw and a missing tail. One of the no-claws chirped, and they brought over a bundle of white pelts, opening them to reveal a shimmering metal contraption. Juno hissed at them as they brought it closer, but one of them put a white pelt over her eyes.
When they finished, they took the pelt off, revealing a silver paw instead of flesh and bone. They released her, and one of them carried her to a room full of small obstacles. She started to walk, but instantly tripped over her silver paw. Wincing, Juno stood up and tried again, putting most of her weight on her right paw. She managed to walk a few steps before stopping, and barked with happiness. 
after a few days...
The no-claw carried Juno to the room again, and Juno instantly started running, finally used to her silver paw. The no-claw chirped with laughter, walking her out. They brought her to the same white room she woke up in, and put her in one of the beds. One of them brought a small orange tag and clipped it over her ear, carrying her into a cage.
Juno slept as the no-claws put her cage into a silver-beast and took her to a ridge. One of the no-claws stepped back and opened the cage. Instantly Juno bounded out, not looking back toward the no-claws. She howled with happiness, releasing her feelings into a beautiful song. the no-claws stood on the ridge, watching her, before she slipped out of sight into the wild.
Wolves are wild, wolves are free, some are just like you or me...

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Fallen Phantoms Teaser Trailer (animal jam series)

When words collide,
the phantoms will rise,
but the war will never end.
as phantoms rise to defend,
four phantoms the war will end.
Ice from the north, shimmering bright
light from the east, glowing through the night.
shadow from the south, dark and cold.
and fire from the west, blazing and bold.

This is the story of four phantoms, Rosa, Miri, Ella, and Dawn, who have unique elemental abilities. They are destined to save the phantom universe from the war, but there is someone who stands in their way. The time is running out - who will survive?

*rated pg for mild violence*

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Skating Lessons

I am taking skating again this session. I am going to do synchronized skating and regular skating for the ice show again. I am also learning my program for testing into the next skating level, freestyle 2.