Monday, December 17, 2018

Prisoner of the Phantoms chapter 3

continued from chapter 2
Chapter 3: The Powers
     I shake myself as the phantom nearly throws me into my cell. There is a piece of meat on the ground, but I push it away. Hope is sleeping, so I look at the cell on my other side. There is a panther pacing in the corner. "Hello?" I say. The panther walks over to the cell wall. "Hello. My name's Rami." she responds. Rami. I think. Why does it seem so connected with Amir? I pause, taking it all in. Rami, Amir, Mira, Mira, Rami, Amir. They all have the same letters!
     I look at the schedule for the phantoms on an opposite wall, plotting how long I have in between tasks. The schedule says that it takes phantoms 5 minutes to switch guard, and 20 minutes to replace phantom pollution. They replace phantom pollution every 2 weeks. I realize that today is the day to escape. The phantoms will be gone for 25 minutes. That is enough time to get half the prisoners out of the factory. 
     Next time I see Amir and Hope, I tell them about Rami. "Amir, Why do your name and Rami's name all have the same letters as Mira? "Mari, I will tell you. I have powers, and you do to. When I found out I had powers, I changed my name to Amir. Also, Rami is my sister, and she has powers as well. I have fire powers, and Rami has water powers." She says.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Prisoner of the Phantoms : an Animal jam story.

continued from last post
Chapter 2 : the Phantom Factory
           The phantom leads me to a large room with other animals and phantimals. I look around and see animals doing all kinds of evil jobs. I see Hope working on a strange machine with all sorts of pipes. He pushes me to the machine as well. Hope is working on a section of pipes. "What is this machine?" I ask Hope. A quiet voice responds. "These are phantom pipes" It says. Soon, a fox comes out from the side. "Hope, can you hand me more pipe corners?" "who are you?" I ask. "I'm Amir" The fox responds.
        Amir is very clever and is the first to get her part of the pipes done. She asks the phantom about extra parts, and, surprisingly, he gives her the parts she asked for. She hands some of the pieces to Hope, who skillfully adds a gate to block the flow of phantom water. "You're very clever" I say to Amir. "Thanks" says Amir.
       A phantom walks by and grabs my chain with surprising force, and drags me to the phantom cell.

To Be Continued

Friday, December 7, 2018

Prisoner of the Phantoms: an Animal Jam story Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Captured
        Today started out as any normal day. I went to Jamaa Township, traded a few items, and went back home. Once I was there, I felt something was wrong. I looked out my window and saw the Phantoms. I started packing immediately. I thought I would be able to escape before they arrived.
         I was wrong. By the time I had finished packing, the phantoms had surrounded my house. As they closed in around me, I blacked out. The last thing I remember was a large phantom grabbing me.
       When I wake up, I realize that I am in a cell of some sort. I sit up and look around. There are dark, goopy prison bars that hold me back from the main hall. I can see others in similar cages. A young arctic wolf was in the cell next to me. She said her name was Hope. There is also a badly written list of rules on the wall.

  1. the PhanTOm KinG Is ThE LeadEr.
  2. Do nOt brEaK The rUleS.
  3. Do noT ArgUe WitH tHe PhaNtOms.
  4. dO wHateVer The phAntOMs sAy
       Suddenly, a large phantom drifts in. Following him is a leopard, although it is terribly disfigured. It has greasy, clumped, patchy fur that seems to be partially covered in black goop. It's eyes are blank and seem to stare into the distance. I try to run, but the creature holds me tight while the phantom loops a dark chain around my neck.

To Be Continued

This story is based off of a video game called Animal Jam. The glossary is below
Jamaa : the land that animal jam takes place in.
Phantom : black, evil creatures that are the dark side of animal jam.
The creature is called a Phantimal. They are half phantom creatures