Charity Project

I'm making things again this year to sell to raise money. Last year I donated to World Vision to help girls around the world go to school. I raised over $150. This year the money is going to special needs children and adults through Lutheran Special Education Ministries and the PACER Center. Here are some of the things I currently have. I can do requests too, but I don't have clay for charms anymore. You may donate as much or as little as you like, but please remember that I need to pay to mail them too. If you live far away, you can mail a check, or use PayPal. Email my mom at for details.
One size fits all - the same hat fit my sister and mom


Charms: cat, octopus, dog, pig, purple donut (Kjirsten made that), hamburger, s'more, sprinkle donut, hot dog, fries, cinnamon roll, carrot cake muffin

More bracelets

Decorative potholders on the left (Kjirsten helped with the top one), purses and pencil holders on the right

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