Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Time in Florida

Monday night we got to Florida late. We were so excited that when we pulled up to the gate, we could hear Kiara scream from our car. Then she started banging on the windows and I got out and we hugged each other as tight as possible, like we did when we left Germany.

Tuesday we went to Bayfront Park. We swam in ocean water. It was salty and I had to spit out what got in my mouth. We could barely see the bottom. After it was too deep for me to touch it was dark from the weeds. There were no alligators or sharks though.

Wednesday we went to the Miami Zoo. It started pouring while we bought the tickets but it stopped right away. I got some good pictures and videos of the tigers. When we were at the tiger pen the tigers started playfighting. At the animal show we saw beautiful birds and cheetahs - well, one cheetah. I learned that cheetahs don't climb or roar. They can't pull in their claws either because they have to run fast and they'd slip on the ground without their claws. They make a nice landing pad. The otters were chasing the streams of water that a zookeeper was spraying from a hose. The zoo also had two jaguars. We could barely see them in the bamboo.

Thursday we hiked in the Everglades. It was not very wet at the beginning, but there were two gigantic puddles that blocked the path. I got bit by an ant but it didn't hurt for very long. Then we went swimming in a pool. Kiara and I made funny slow-motion videos and underwater pictures. We also dove off the pool's edge and played marco polo. Diving was fun!

Friday we left for a hotel. We swam in the pool there too. It had a deep end and we played with the boogie boards. Kiara and I jumped off the deep end and dove and did cannonballs. We also pretended we were shipwrecked and fell off the boogie boards and had to save ourselves. I showed her American Ninja Warrior that night and we made grilled cheese in the toaster and microwave!

Saturday we went to Kennedy Space Center. It was fun! We learned a lot about space. Kiara and I played space kitties. Meow meow meow meow meow. When we went to bed we wanted to tie ourselves together and Kiara told me to wake her up if they tried to take me away.

Sunday my parents snuck me out of bed. It was mean! I didn't even get to say goodbye. I didn't realize I was gone until I was in the car and it was too late to call Kiara. We drove to my uncle's house to spend the night, and Monday we drove home.