Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stockholm Day 2 and 3 Days in Oslo

On day 2 in Stockholm we went Gamla Stan aka old town. We also went to the medieval museum and the Nobel prize museum. At the medieval museum I learned that in the villages instead of telephones they yelled at each other across the street. There was a kid's room at the Nobel prize museum with a puppet theater, books, and a video about Alfred Nobel. We saw the Royal guard and band marching down the street near the medieval museum, and then later saw the changing of the guard outside the Royal Palace.

We did an overnight bus to Oslo. We woke up from the bus really early and then went to Oslo still kind of sleepy. We went and hiked around a fortress with awesome rocks and Kjirsten and I played warrior cats as Stoneclan. We were tired so we came home a relaxed for a while and then we went to the botanical gardens. At the botanical gardens there was a Viking garden shaped like a boat and information about the Vikings. There were also bones and a millstone and a throne.

Yesterday we went to we did a river walk and then went to the sculpture garden. On the river walk there were lots of playgrounds and a miniature children's museum. We also saw the oldest building in Oslo. It's almost a thousand years old. On the way to the sculpture park we saw the church and it looked kind of like the one in Wittenberg. In the hymnal we found some songs we recognized in our hymnal! We also stopped at the Royal palace and pond. There was a nice man at the pond who let us have some of his bun to feed the birds with. Then we went to the sculpture garden. All the statues were naked and some of then were things we do as a family like piggyback rides and cuddles and squishing daddy.

Today we went on a ferry to hovedøya and saw jellyfish on the beach. We found out the water was salt water from the ocean. We found that out after I licked my finger. We didn't go swimming because I didn't want to swim with jellyfish. We hiked and we saw lots of nature and army barracks and monastery ruins that are almost 900 years old. Then we went to the oldest open air museum in the world. We saw traditional folk dances and it was raining so we had to cram inside a building. Then we went to the Viking ship museum and saw a video of Viking funerals and one about recreating the boats and one about Viking trips and trade and looting and killing.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


On the flight we got to watch a movie and I watched Born in China, a movie about animals - a monkey, deer, cranes, snow leopard, and pandas. I liked the food a little. We went on two flights, from Minneapolis to Amsterdam and then to Stockholm.

Today we went to the oldest open air museum in the world. They had a zoo area where I got to see a lynx, a wolves, a seal, otters, monkeys, and lemurs. We also got to see glass molding, and he was making tiny glass elephants. I tried a pastry like a sugared pretzel, which I liked. There were lots of old historic buildings and a squirrel playground. I climbed up the leaves and it was really hard to climb up the second leaf. I never made it to the third leaf.

On our way back we got a ferry ride. Then just our family went on a little hike and saw the river and lots of locks on the fence. Mama said they were for people who were engaged or in love. We saw views of the city.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Camps this Week

This week in drama camp we are working on a play. It's called Mop Top. It's from Norway and it is very, very awesome. I get to be a troll girl and mess my hair up as much as I want. Then my costume is green and it looks splattered with mud and I also have a leg band made of green mesh. I get to wear face dirt and black makeup.

This week I also have laser printing camp. I'm the only girl in my class. Yay! Today we are finishing all of our projects including the boxes and the living hinge. I might be able to finish my keychain. It's going to be so awesome!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


We're moving into an apartment this week. It has two courtyards. It also has a pool. We will be on the inside so that we won't hear as much of the street noise. Whew!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cabin this weekend

We are going to a cabin this week. It will be fun. I still wish my friend Kiara was here. The cabin isn't in a state park. It's on a lake. My grandparents, an aunt and uncle and my cousins are coming. We're going to go kayaking and canoeing. I'll get to use a kayak all by myself! My sister and I might get to canoe alone.