Saturday, October 20, 2018

My life so far

Hello everyone, I am going to write about random things right now. 
     My family birthday party is tomorrow. I am going to have ice cream cake. Yesterday I went shopping with my mom. I got a lot of cool stuff like a shirt that says Made Of Magic, a time turner necklace, harry potter earrings, and Ravenclaw stuff. I am a harry potter fan. I am reading the 7th book for the 2nd time. My grandparents and cousins are coming to my birthday.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Jessa's birthday

         Last Saturday, I went to my friend's birthday. Her name was Jessa. They had a bouncy castle and a game projector. They also borrowed a lot of interesting scooters. I think it was fun. We got cupcakes, and the frosting was at least half an inch thick. After that, I went to my other friend's sleepover.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Minecraft 1.13 hacks

Hi! Today I am writing about Minecraft 1.13 tips and tricks. Let's start with the mobs.

Phantoms: The Phantom is the first flying mob added to the Overworld. It drops Phantom Membrane, which is used in potions and to repair the elytra. It is otherwise known as the Monster of the night skies or Mob B. It is attracted to insomnia and players who have not slept for 3 days.
Drowned: Underwater version of the zombie. Sometimes drops nautilus shells, tridents, or fishing rods. spawns in water or when a zombie drowns.

Your air bubbles are no longer instantly replenished when you go up for air.
Pufferfish can kill you with their poison stats
Make sure you get your sleep. Phantoms are attracted to insomnia.
If there is a group of dolphins, don't attack one. Like wolves and zombie pigmen, they will all fight you

Soul sand makes people float and makes bubbles.
Magma blocks drag people down underwater and burn them. great for traps
Fed dolphins will lead you to treasure and shipwrecks