Wednesday, September 27, 2017

John McCutcheon Concert

The John McCutcheon Concert was fun! During most of the time I drew and sometimes I just envisioned pictures in m head. I drew pictures of a mill, a piano playing in the middle of the city of Sarajevo, and other things that went along with the songs. We went with my Oma and Opa, and I got an autograph of John McCutcheon on one of my pictures because it was so amazing. I got a picture with him too! There were also fireworks because a church nearby was hosting a block party that distracted the other singer. When the grand finale started we could see it through the church skylight and it was very bright. The singer took a pause during that finale. Then at the end John McCutcheon came back and sang with her and the audience got to sing along on some songs.

This one is from "Step by step." Step by step the longest march can be won, can be won. Many stones will form an arch, singly none, singly. And by union what we will can be accomplished still. Drops of water turn a mill. Singly none, singly none.

I drew this one during "Calling All the Children Home." 
Home to the table, home to the feast
Where the last are first and the greatest are the least
Where the rich will envy what the poor have got
Everybody's got enough, 'though we ain't got a lot
No one is forgotten, no one is alone
When we're calling all the children home
Gathered 'round the table and the big, black pot
Everybody's got enough, 'though we ain't got a lot
No one is forgotten, no one is alone
From the sacks in Soweto to the ice of Nome
From Baghdad City to the streets of Rome
When we're calling all the children home 

This one was from "Streets of Sarajevo." It talked about people who were killed in a breadline and then a musician came and played in the crater left by the bomb every day for 22 days, one for each of the victims. My mom told me later it was a cello not a piano but I still like it and so did Mr. McCutcheon.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

lightning storm

Last night there was a lightning storm. It was cool. There was lots of lightning. It was quiet. There was sheet lightning and fork lightning.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Last Thursday I had a soccer game. It was very hot. It was also fun. The Royals lost 6-1.
    On Friday I had a cross-country meet. It was fun. I got 25th place and I beat 5 people. I was the youngest 5th grade runner.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Yesterday was my skating lesson. It was fun. I got to do T-stops and crossovers. I got to do stroking  also. My teacher's name is Brianna. Class starts at 7:15. It ends at 7:45. I have class every Tuesday.

Monday, September 11, 2017


My friend Sylvia came over yesterday. We swam together. It was fun. We played mermaids. After that, we came inside and played on the computer. Then, we had hot chocolate as she left.

Friday, September 8, 2017


today is my first cross country meet. it is in eagan. I am running for KOK.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

cats 2

if you want a talkative cat, pick from one of these: Siamese, Siberian, Japanese bobtail, Tonkiniese, or Singapurra. otherwise, if you want a quiet cat, stay away from these cat breeds.

If you want a cute cat breed, consider one of these: Exotic shorthair, persian, ragdoll, british shorthair, or scottish fold.

also, please adopt from shelters, adopt black cats, spay and neuter your pet, and take care of your cat.