Thursday, August 10, 2017

End of the trip

The second day in Bergen I played with the cat a little bit. I had fun. We went to a fortress and on a fjord cruise. The cruise was very beautiful and I pretended we were in a magical kingdom with a tiny village at the end. At the end of the cruise there was a waterfall that I got to drink the water from.

The next day we went to a composer's house. It was a neat place with an old house. He had a little composing hut and we got to see his house. The hut was a small little thing, so cute with a bed and desk. It was so beautiful on the lake. Then we saw a piano concert there and I heard some of his music.

The last day in Bergen we did a glacier hike. On the hike there was a little lake. It was very windy and very stormy but we did get to see the glacier ice. On the bottom we had a snowball fight.

On the way home I got sick and threw up after we landed. But otherwise it was good to be home.

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