Wednesday, July 26, 2017


On the flight we got to watch a movie and I watched Born in China, a movie about animals - a monkey, deer, cranes, snow leopard, and pandas. I liked the food a little. We went on two flights, from Minneapolis to Amsterdam and then to Stockholm.

Today we went to the oldest open air museum in the world. They had a zoo area where I got to see a lynx, a wolves, a seal, otters, monkeys, and lemurs. We also got to see glass molding, and he was making tiny glass elephants. I tried a pastry like a sugared pretzel, which I liked. There were lots of old historic buildings and a squirrel playground. I climbed up the leaves and it was really hard to climb up the second leaf. I never made it to the third leaf.

On our way back we got a ferry ride. Then just our family went on a little hike and saw the river and lots of locks on the fence. Mama said they were for people who were engaged or in love. We saw views of the city.

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