Friday, June 30, 2017

End of June

Basketball camp ended last week. We had three hours of hard work and three hours of fun (a the same time). We got popsicles each day. It was fun and we got basketball camp shirts. It's a little too big for me right now.

VBS was fun. Water day was also very fun. At water day we didn't get as wet as I expected. I had to wear a wet t-shirt around my neck and carry a sponge over my head but neither got me very wet.

On the weekend we saw the Lion King Jr. It was even more fun. The first one we tried to go to it started raining and storming and we had to run home and I was so tired. We tried the next day indoors.

This week is drama camp. It is a lot of fun. It ends today. I am very very very dad. We get to do a performance in front of our parents which will be fun to show all we've learned. The camp was introduction to improv. There are snacks today. Yum.

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