Monday, July 25, 2016

My trip to Florida!!

We started in Minnesota on Friday and went all the way to Michigan. We stopped a few times. We played at a playground with a big Michigan on the ground at tye welcome center and I could swing higher than my dad's head. The next stop was at my mom's uncle's house. We found out that Sasha their dog didn't like kids.

The next morning before we left I sat quietly and she came and let me pet her. Then we went to my mom's cousin's wedding shower. We stayed there and I swung higher than the fence and saw a bounce house at a party. We had smores before bed.

The next day we drove through Ohio. We saw my parents' friends. One a church and one at a house. The one at the house was Kree and he had a cat and made the most delicious ribs. And we got chocolate cream pie. That evening we stopped for ice cream with my parents'other friends. Then we made it all the way to eastern North Carolina for my uncle's house. They had a dog named Sydney.

Today we started driving to Florida. Right now we are only a few hours from my friend in Homestead. I get to spend the next five and a half days with her!

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